Holiday Class Supply List

If you've signed up for my Holiday Cookie Decorating 101 class, you'll need some supplies! Below is my supply list and some price comparison options as well. Please note, these are my personal suggestions, but you may obtain these wherever you'd prefer. 

1) Snowflake Mold -  $8 
4) Corn Starch - $1
6) Cutting Board - $6 
8) Ready-To-Use Fondant - $4/ pack
(I used three 4.4oz packs white, navy, burgundy for a dozen) 
You're perfectly fine to adjust some of these tools with things you may have at home. But the MUST have items we'll use are a fondant stamp, embosser, and a silicone mold. Those will be required to achieve success from this course. I have a bundle available on my site (US shipping only) for the best possible price, however, you are totally allowed to purchase different stamp/ embosser designs as you please. I suggest starting out with a quality brand like LissieLou London for the best results.
Also, please purchase a quality snowflake mold. Snowflakes can be a difficult and delicate mold to work with. A cheap and shallow mold likely won't work for you.
If you're on a budget, I tried to make it affordable for everyone. Below is a comparison list for your reference: 
As always, if you have any questions please let me know! Feel free to email me at